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hands in blood

don't trust the storyteller; only trust the story

Hate to disappoint ya, fellas...
hands in blood
but Sherlock ain't promised for season 4 at all. Benedict is just a massive goober.


So it's that time of year again.
hands in blood
Seeing as my last birthday, I uploaded some of the frankly bizarre MS paint drawings I do when I'm really bored, I thought I'd keep the tradition going this year. It's technically still my birthday in some parts of the world!

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Yeah I have no idea either.

hands in blood
I am a terrible person for procrastination, I have essays coming out of my ears and yet I have put a post here for the two people who read this blog to comment on: ANONYMOUS HOLIDAY LOVE MEME

What am I doing with my life?
So it looks like Sherloki is actually going to be an actual thing that actually happens. What started as a silly joke based around my obsession with Norse mythology has ... grown, somewhat. There's an overarching plot, reasons for characters being around, and other people from the pantheon boogying down with Loki.

I've even started writing a scene where John and Sherlock argue over whether the world is flat or not.


Doctor Who musings (contains fairly mild spoilers)
So, as many of you know, Doctor Who was on tonight. There was a small section near the end that had my emergency-response-aid brain slightly baffled, but I can skip over most of that.  What I am more concerned with is why the Doctor didn't do anything in that particular situation.

Under the cut is a less-cryptic, more-spoilery discussion that offers a possible explanation as to why the Doctor stood there and didn't help.

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Covered in beeeeeeeees

Today, I made bees out of marzipan and cherries. I thought that you guys might be interested in how to make them yourselves so I have made a long picture post about it.


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Sometimes I worry about myself (or: An MS Paint Adventure)
hands in blood

So, like all modern age people, I get bored a lot. Maybe I'm hanging around in an RP not really doing much, maybe it's 3am and I can't sleep because that's pretty much early afternoon for me, maybe I've just got a crack idea and I feel like doodling.

Whatever the reason, I draw a lot of really, really bad pictures on Paint. I can sort-of draw a bit, but my mouse is flat and rectangular and I never could use it well, and so they sort of look like... well, like this.

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Fic: Knives Can Be Dangerous

Hey all, I'm posting a bunch of collaborative RP-created fics over at my new community, hot_sh_scrabble ! You should check it out.

This is the first story:

Title: Knives Can Be Dangerous
Verse: Honesty
Rating: 15
Words: 1624
Pairing: Molly/Jim
Spoilers: None, set pre-TGG climax 
: D/s, bloodplay, knifeplay, mentions of self harm and death, slight hint of necrophilia.
Summary: Molly carves out a place for herself in Jim.

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The Rules of #BakerStreet
hands in blood

written mostly by my wonderous friends over there, particularly SH of bakerstdivision . Inspired by a comment left by introductory 

1. The first rule of #BakerStreet is, you do not use bad grammar at #BakerStreet.

2. The second rule of #BakerStreet is, you do not use bad grammar at #BakerStreet. Because Liz will shank you.

3.  If someone gets caught, goes idle, ping timeouts, the RP is over.

4. As many people as can fucking fit in a chat to an RP.

5. One colour per person.

6. No flaming, no whining.

7. RPs will go on for as long as they have to. If they've killed the chat, it is your duty to resurrect it.

8. If this is your first time on #BakerStreet, you have to eat the honey.

One Mastermind to Another
dr master

Title: One Mastermind to Another
Rating: G
Words: 980
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Sherlock
Spoilers: TGG and season 3 of Doctor Who
Summary: Saxon needs a little help from a consulting criminal. Written for this prompt on the meme.

Betaed by pippal 

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